XTerra via Benny

The original goal was to qualify for the world champs. With some commitments now in October this was not going to be possible, so when it was suggested I should change my entry to ‘pro’, I thought why not. It does give me 2 minutes of clean water before the fast swimmers in the age group wave swim over top of me! Passed the criteria check and got my blue swim cap, sweet.

The next challenge was to not worry about the time when exiting the water. I really didn’t want to get into a negative frame of mind by worrying about the time. The swim will be what it is. Just get going on the bike was the plan. With the swim supposed to be 1K, 2 x 500m laps with a 100m run in the middle I was a little shocked when my watch said 1.8K when I pulled my wetsuit down. So, a little more time to catch up then. 76th for the swim.

Onto the bike and started making my way back through the field. It took a few minutes to get my heart rate back down and into a rhythm. When we hit the first part of single track I had to get around a couple of people then had some fresh air to get the flow going. Back onto fire road and up a couple of climbs. There was a lot more fire road than I thought. I had ridden what I thought was the course but was obviously riding the single track beside the fire road. It’s a shame they didn’t use more of it. 8th fastest ride and back up the pointy end.

A super quick transition and out onto the run course. Along the sand and then up the ramp and GOR trail. Ticked off a couple of quick K’s on the path and then onto the sand. Up over point road knight ridge and back onto the beach for an out and back section. The tide was on its way in and it was really hard to find firm sand to run on. 4.20K’s was about as quick I could manage in the sand. Got a good look at where I was positioned as the leaders were coming back along the beach. Once back over point road knight the sand was a bit harder and I knew the path along the river was getting closer. Onto the path and the pace rose for the final 1.5K to the finish. Across the line and happy with the race. 16th fastest for the run. I finished 9th in the pro category.

I would have won my age group by 3 minutes so at the end of the day my goal of qualifying was achieved which was great.

Thanks to Megs, Speedy, Fi and Ren for the support on the day.