Buxton 6hr – Benny’s Race Report

Buxton 6hr

4 weeks since the 24hr and a few hard runs completed getting ready for the adventure race in Lorne, I was interested to see how the body would go. The run ride sessions I have done have felt good.

The start was the usual hot pace up the fire road. Then the main contenders in the solo category got together. I hopped on and we were into the single track, 5 in our bunch. First lap done and the pace was very comfortable. I was sitting on the back of the 5 and happy for the pace to stay as it was. There was a track split for solo and teams and in this section 3 riders bridged the gap to our bunch. 2 of the riders decided to come past me, at the same time the 4th place rider moved to the front and surged up a climb. The 2 riders that had put themselves between me and the front 4 then fell off and it took some time to get around them. The complete lap was single track so it is hard to judge how big the gap was as you can only see around 1 or 2 corners and there was no one there. It took 20mins to bridge back to the front of the race. Not what I had wanted to do and the body started to feel the effort.
The bunch of 5 stayed together for the next lap and a half. Just before the 3hr mark the legs started protesting on the steeper pinches. I dropped off the back and tried to settle into a pace that I could sustain until the end. The laps were very long for a solo race, taking 56-60 mins. During my 5th lap I was suffering and started thinking I might have to stop before 5hrs. I convinced myself to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and have a bottle of coke when I got back to transition. I headed out for my last lap. My body was hurting all over. I had pain in my lower back which I never get and my hands were starting to hurt again.

I came in at 5.46 in 6th place and had already decided that would be my last lap. I definitely didn’t have 7hrs of riding in me. The 2 behind me decided to stop after that lap to so 6th place was where I finished up. Happy with a solid result considering how I felt in the second half of the race.

Awesome trails, really fun and fast downhill berm sections. I recommend heading out to Buxton for a ride.
The body obviously still has some fatigue from the 24hr. most of the sessions I have completed since, have only been a maximum of 3hours. So now it’s out for some more multisport training and looking forward to Lorne in December.

My 1st 24hr Solo – WEMBO 2013 – World 24hr Solo MTB Champs

A guest post today from the team’s reformed triathlete and now multi sport fast man Ben Pattie – aka ‘Little Legs’ or ‘Benny Boy’ :

Although the title is Solo, it is far from that. Yes I am the one peddling for 24 hours but without my support crew I wouldn’t have made it. A big thankyou to Megs, (my wife) she had my nutrition sorted – with little help from me as I was unsure on what I would feel like, so it was, here is all the food I think I will want let’s see how it goes. She did an amazing job and didn’t sleep a wink! Riley and JP for attending to my bike. Rob, Kara, Mum, Mark and Stacey for the help around the pits and all for the encouragement and pushing me through in the last few hours when it all started getting too hard.

Leading up to the race I was surprisingly calm, had a little stack on our sighting lap on Friday and just brushed it off as getting the crash out of the way early.

Race morning – woke up and instantly became very nervous. It took all morning to eat my breakfast; I felt sick and didn’t want to eat. Packing the car and Megs had to remind me to breathe and calm down as I had long day ahead. Off to the kennel to drop Edmund (the dog) off for the night. Arrived at the race and started to calm down and get things laid out.

Everything ready, the sun is heating up and you can feel the energy of everyone rolling around just waiting for the race to start. Went for a wee roll and noticed that my rear wheel had sealant leaking from around the valve. Great! It has been tubeless for the last 6 weeks and now it decides to leak. I pumped it up a bit harder than normal and hoped the sealant would do its job. Off to the start line. As I had entered Elite they called us up to the line by name, pretty cool. Best I ride well to deserve to be there. The plan was to see how fast it started and try not to get too carried away chasing but not give up more than 2 minutes a lap.


Away we go – the start wasn’t too bad, a bit of bustle around the crit track and then up the fire road missing the first section of single track to help break up the bunch. All the big names were there watching each other. My heart rate was high but manageable. We entered the single track and the pace stayed pretty high. There was congestion at the switch backs and then a few groups started to form and a bunch went off ahead. I thought about going around the guy leading our group but my heart rate was already high so I decided to settle in for the first lap and see how it panned out. We came through in 51 mins, that’s fast considering on our sighting lap – yes we didn’t rush but still went around in 1.08. I moved by on the climb and rode the next lap at my pace, still 51 mins. The next couple of laps were fast too. The sealant didn’t work and I pumped the rear tyre again after 3 laps to give it one more shot. No good, we fit a tube in the rear and I was off. I got half way up the first climb and the rear tyre was going flat. Fit another tube and away again. The lap times slowed a bit and I could start to settle into a pace. I caught JeeBus and had a quick chat; he was suffering in the heat and looking forward to night fall. We had to fit lights at 5.30, it was decided before the race that it didn’t get dark until 7.30 so a bar and rear light is all that was needed, save lugging the helmet light and battery pack for 2 more laps.



Night closed in and the lights were on. Even after 7 laps it all looked a bit different and took a lap to get the flow going. During lap 8 my feet really started to hurt, the constant hammering was taking its toll. I had my first slice of pizza before lap 9 and let the guys know my feet were giving me grief. During lap 9 I wasn’t in a happy place, things were hurting, there was still a long way to go, and then I got another flat. Fixed that in the dark and set off again. Got back to the tent and Megs had chicken soup….not sure if it was the salt, the warmth or the encouragement but when I set off I felt like a new man! Yes my feet still hurt but I was happy and tapping away. Soup again next lap was the call and from then on through the night I stayed in a good place eating every lap. Arm warmers went on, and then the vest and that was all until the sun was popping up. I swapped the vest for a jacket to protect myself from the chilly hour as the sun rose. During the night laps I had imagined riding with others keeping company and sanity by safety in numbers. There was none of that, I rode the entire race on my own. A quick ‘how you feeling’, ‘good work’ or ‘keep it up’ thrown here and there but that was it.

sportograf-44343830 sportograf-44338413

I knew I had passed a few people during the night laps but when Megs let me know I was in 8th it gave me another boost. Bakery treats for breakfast always make you smile and the sun was up.


Coming up to the 20 hour mark it really started to get hard, I started trying to work out how many laps I had to do. In my 20 hours of riding straight state, I thought I could fit 2 laps at 1.04 each into 4 hours. Not going happen buddy unless you are stopping early! I suffered through the next lap and then the team let me know I was in 6th. How many laps do I need to do was my only question. 2 would be nice but it looks like 3. Off I go again. Another lap done. Yup, you need to do 2 more laps – but you have 40 mins lead on 7th. Ok I thought just roll around easy up the climbs. I caught ‘the lil master’ (Marcus Speed) during this lap and he was stoked to be on his last lap, 2 more for me I grunted and carried on. Half way through the lap 7th place comes up behind me…what? Here we go. He gets a little gap then I see him pull over, a puncture I thought. Head down and start pushing. Into the tent and let them know he is on my tail, some timing miss-hap? It didn’t matter. I was really struggling for confidence and everyone was great at getting my head in the right place to bury myself for the final lap. 57 minute final lap! My times weren’t there until way back at lap 8. I remember thinking as I rolled onto the crit track and knew I had just finished 6th in Elite at the World Solo 24Hr Champs – after 24 hours of racing I had to fight for a position. That’s crazy.


There were a few emotions as I rolled over the line and hugged Megs, then Mum and saw the rest of the crew. Now let’s get this gear off and sit in the shade!

Benny is Broken

Thanks again to everyone that supported me both at the track and from afar.

SSC CX Results


XTC Giant and CX nationals 016


XTC Giant and CX nationals 014


Jay CX nationals

Speed Cycling’s Jay Butler after finishing 5th in Sunday’s Dirty Gran Fondo


And update from the Perfect Pilates Masters Cycling Team

Away from the dirt the Perfect Pilates Masters Cycling Team have been showing some great form with the regular A graders Paul Logan, Tony Zanella and Pat Coe riding to some great results. The three riders have also been putting in some really tough training sessions down at the Hawthorn Velodrome on Tuesday mornings with a full on intense one hour interval session pushing each of the riders to better racing on weekends.

At the recent Munro/McDonough handicap at Kyneton Tony Zanella topped off his great training and magnificent form at the moment with a well earned 2nd riding off 2nd scratch, with that bunch also recording the fastest time on the day ahead of the scratch bunch. In addition, Paul Logan put in a late attack up the final climb of the race to breakaway briefly however was still able to hold on to 3rd place once getting caught in the run to the finish. Also in the race, Pat Coe riding off 6min worked well with his bunch and then did some massive turns at the front to pull back the leaders with only 2km remaining before trailing off to let his team mates finish off his hard work.

In some other recent races, one of the largest Victorian Veterans Opens of the calendar, the Benghazi held on Anzac Day, again it was Tony Zanella well and truly present coming into the finale, however with high speeds and some dangerous riding by some other riders around double white lines he was unfortunately jostled back through the bunch from 6th wheel coming into the sprint however still managed to hold onto 14th place from over 120 riders only 6 seconds off the win.
In the 4th race of Northern Cycling’s “Super Series” again Tony was one of the few riders responsible for driving the bunch to almost catch the leaders and still managed to win the sprint for 5th place on the day. Once again Pat Coe put in some massive work prior to the finish line to enable Tony to unleash his new found sprinting form.

In the scratch races as well as the handicaps Tony and Perfect Pilates riders continue to impress with recently getting a 3rd place in the 90km race in A grade behind the currently almost unbeatable ex-pro Darren Roberts, with Pilates rider Paul Logan taking 4th on the line, both beating current club champion Kos Samaras. Also in early April, both Tony and Pat worked tirelessly in the National Boulevard A grade criterium to pull back many attacks throughout the 70 minute race to deliver Paul Logan reasonably fresh to the line against the current crop of A grade sprinters for another 4th place. In the most recent National Boulevard criterium, Paul Logan finally cracked it for a win for the Perfect Pilates team.

With the recent dominance of the Bikeforce and Kosdown teams it is great to see the Perfect Pilates riders out there and right up in the mix of things battling it out and receiving some great results

Speed Cycling’s Andrew Luedecke and his crew win the Mixed Triples at Forrest 6-hour

1st Triples Forrest 6 Hour


Dirt Master Victoria – 2013







Otway Shorty – 50km 2013






9th place in Open for JP, 2 hours 35 min.

A full deck.

Sorry, Speed Cycling has a full quota of clients at the moment. There will be 2 places available on June 1st, so please let us know if you’d like to reserve your place.