Buxton 6hr – Benny’s Race Report

Buxton 6hr

4 weeks since the 24hr and a few hard runs completed getting ready for the adventure race in Lorne, I was interested to see how the body would go. The run ride sessions I have done have felt good.

The start was the usual hot pace up the fire road. Then the main contenders in the solo category got together. I hopped on and we were into the single track, 5 in our bunch. First lap done and the pace was very comfortable. I was sitting on the back of the 5 and happy for the pace to stay as it was. There was a track split for solo and teams and in this section 3 riders bridged the gap to our bunch. 2 of the riders decided to come past me, at the same time the 4th place rider moved to the front and surged up a climb. The 2 riders that had put themselves between me and the front 4 then fell off and it took some time to get around them. The complete lap was single track so it is hard to judge how big the gap was as you can only see around 1 or 2 corners and there was no one there. It took 20mins to bridge back to the front of the race. Not what I had wanted to do and the body started to feel the effort.
The bunch of 5 stayed together for the next lap and a half. Just before the 3hr mark the legs started protesting on the steeper pinches. I dropped off the back and tried to settle into a pace that I could sustain until the end. The laps were very long for a solo race, taking 56-60 mins. During my 5th lap I was suffering and started thinking I might have to stop before 5hrs. I convinced myself to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and have a bottle of coke when I got back to transition. I headed out for my last lap. My body was hurting all over. I had pain in my lower back which I never get and my hands were starting to hurt again.

I came in at 5.46 in 6th place and had already decided that would be my last lap. I definitely didn’t have 7hrs of riding in me. The 2 behind me decided to stop after that lap to so 6th place was where I finished up. Happy with a solid result considering how I felt in the second half of the race.

Awesome trails, really fun and fast downhill berm sections. I recommend heading out to Buxton for a ride.
The body obviously still has some fatigue from the 24hr. most of the sessions I have completed since, have only been a maximum of 3hours. So now it’s out for some more multisport training and looking forward to Lorne in December.