And update from the Perfect Pilates Masters Cycling Team

Away from the dirt the Perfect Pilates Masters Cycling Team have been showing some great form with the regular A graders Paul Logan, Tony Zanella and Pat Coe riding to some great results. The three riders have also been putting in some really tough training sessions down at the Hawthorn Velodrome on Tuesday mornings with a full on intense one hour interval session pushing each of the riders to better racing on weekends.

At the recent Munro/McDonough handicap at Kyneton Tony Zanella topped off his great training and magnificent form at the moment with a well earned 2nd riding off 2nd scratch, with that bunch also recording the fastest time on the day ahead of the scratch bunch. In addition, Paul Logan put in a late attack up the final climb of the race to breakaway briefly however was still able to hold on to 3rd place once getting caught in the run to the finish. Also in the race, Pat Coe riding off 6min worked well with his bunch and then did some massive turns at the front to pull back the leaders with only 2km remaining before trailing off to let his team mates finish off his hard work.

In some other recent races, one of the largest Victorian Veterans Opens of the calendar, the Benghazi held on Anzac Day, again it was Tony Zanella well and truly present coming into the finale, however with high speeds and some dangerous riding by some other riders around double white lines he was unfortunately jostled back through the bunch from 6th wheel coming into the sprint however still managed to hold onto 14th place from over 120 riders only 6 seconds off the win.
In the 4th race of Northern Cycling’s “Super Series” again Tony was one of the few riders responsible for driving the bunch to almost catch the leaders and still managed to win the sprint for 5th place on the day. Once again Pat Coe put in some massive work prior to the finish line to enable Tony to unleash his new found sprinting form.

In the scratch races as well as the handicaps Tony and Perfect Pilates riders continue to impress with recently getting a 3rd place in the 90km race in A grade behind the currently almost unbeatable ex-pro Darren Roberts, with Pilates rider Paul Logan taking 4th on the line, both beating current club champion Kos Samaras. Also in early April, both Tony and Pat worked tirelessly in the National Boulevard A grade criterium to pull back many attacks throughout the 70 minute race to deliver Paul Logan reasonably fresh to the line against the current crop of A grade sprinters for another 4th place. In the most recent National Boulevard criterium, Paul Logan finally cracked it for a win for the Perfect Pilates team.

With the recent dominance of the Bikeforce and Kosdown teams it is great to see the Perfect Pilates riders out there and right up in the mix of things battling it out and receiving some great results